Internal Regulation for the campsite

Upon arrival it is necessary to declare the number of people and to display a valid identification document for each of them, children included.

The Reception staff is allowed to keep at least one ID for each member of the crew until the departure.

Any variation of presence within the selected accommodation or pitch must be communicated to the Reception staff upon arrival.


Upon check-in, a personal recognition pass will be given, not transferable to a third party (card or bracelet), which must be brought along for the entire duration of the stay. In case of refusal, it will not be possible to enter the campsite and formalize the check-in.


The personal identification pass grants the access and the stay within the holiday village and it must be exhibited at the entrance; on request, it can be verified by the appointed staff personnel. Another identification pass is given out only for vehicles granting the entrance in the parking lot. People inside the holiday village devoid of the necessary authorizations will be reported to the police for trespassing in accordance with art. N. 614 of the Italian Penal Code. Clients arriving or departing, for a matter of public safety, are obliged to communicate such actions to the Reception staff, delivering and/or withdrawing the personal identification pass (card and/or bracelet) and eventually even the one for cars for their pertaining registration.

Uncommunicated outflows will be considered as “not occurred” and therefore added on the final price together with the pertaining Tourist Tax fee.

Every personal identification pass must be returned upon departure. The Reception staff reserves the right to not accept unwanted people or numerous groups.


Pitches are available from noon on the day of arrival and must be vacated at the same time on the day of departure. The price is calculated daily starting from 12.00 p.m. each day and finishing at 12.00 p.m. of the next day. Every portion of the day will be calculated entirely.


Pitch allocation is a task reserved to the Reception staff and it is carried out according to unquestionable service requirement measures. It is forbidden to change the assigned pitch without prior authorization of the Reception staff.



Booking request is confirmed upon reception of the upfront deposit of 30% of the total cost of the stay. Pitch reservations are accepted only for stays of minimum 10 nights. On the other hand, reservations are not accepted during high season period (10/08/2020 – 21/08/2020).


The remaining final payment of the entire stay must be done upon check-in. The reservation is binding; the beginning of the stay implies that the guest has to pay the full price even if he decides to reduce his period of stay.


In case of early departure, the initial total price will be paid, and no refunds will be available. Additional nights of stay must be authorized by the Reception staff.


The early departure of one or more members of the crew before the end of the stay must be communicated upon arrival, otherwise it will be calculated in the total price of the entire period of stay.


Each guest staying inside the holiday village, aside from the price of the stay, has also to pay the local tourist tax established by the municipality of the town of Vieste.



Pitch stay and/or seasonal contract is exclusively nominal and therefore not transferable to third parties; each individual not mentioned in the contract itself is considered as a guest and is obliged to pay the daily tariff.

The pitch is allocated by the Reception staff and, due to managerial reasons, it is forbidden to change pitch without expressed consensus of the staff personnel.

The Reception staff reserves the ability to accept, at its complete discretion and according to its internal organizational needs, such flat-rate monthly or seasonal contracts.

Pitches available for reservation are restricted in number, therefore bookings requests will not be accepted once full and also not after 31st of May.

Additional requests done after this date will be evaluated individually in order to verify if they comply with the conditions necessary for their eventual acceptance.


After verifying and communicating the availability of the reservation, the payment of the booked period is done in advance with the following instructions: 30% of the total amount deposit within 7 days from the date of the reservation made via bank transfer. If the client does not fulfill this condition, the Reception staff is authorized to make such reservation void.

The final balance of the stay is paid according to the following procedures.

Stays lasting more than a month: 30% as down payment deposited by 30th May, another 30% by 30th June and final balance paid by 31st July.


Lump sum stays: 30% as down payment deposited by 30th May, and final balance paid upon arrival by the household members.


If the owner of the lump sum seasonal contract decides to leave the holiday village before the departure date stated in the contract, he has to vacate the pitch. In addition, in such occasion, the Reception staff is not required to modify the contractual terms. Therefore, the remaining days of stay are not refundable.


Possible disagreements concerning the stays stated by clients do not allow any reimbursement.



Visitors can have access to the holiday village (except from 13th July until 24th August) only if they deliver a valid identification document and pay the daily fee (visit period from 9.00am to 20.00pm.).

The entrance is free only for one hour after which the daily tariff is applied.


For a matter of privacy, unless it is explicitly expressed by the people involved, it is not possible to give information about the clients staying in the holiday village nor to call them over speakers. Visitors must wait to be greeted at the Reception.


The Reception staff reserves the right to adopt any adequate method in order to identify guests at the entrance of the holiday village, also during the stay (e.g. personal identification pass, bracelets, …).


Minors can access the holiday village by displaying a valid identification document with photograph, plus the written and signed authorization of a parent together with the copy of his or her ID or escorted by guardians who are legally responsible for them.

We recommend to groups of young adults, who have needs and behaviors usually conflicting with the ones of the majority of guests (normally calmer), to express their vivaciousness outside the holiday village and never during the silent hours, and anyhow to behave moderately in order to respect others.

Vulgarities and exaggerations will not be tolerated.

Please pay close attention to the fact that, in case of misconduct and also if respective responsibilities are not distinguishable, the entire group will be banished from the holiday village.


Adults are responsible for the behavior of their children, whose vivaciousness, manners and needs can go to the detriment of the quiet, safety and hygiene of other guests. Besides, kids must be accompanied while using toilets, watched while bathing in the sea and while using amusement equipment. The guest is subject to compensatory damages also claimed by third parties in response to minors’ misconduct.


If the guest introduces unregistered or unauthorized people, he is legally obliged to pay the respective daily tariff for the entire period of stay (at least 8 days) for such individuals. The Reception staff is unquestionably able to banish the guest and his crew, while the Management Board reserves the ability of taking legal action against such misconducts, in accordance with the articles N. 614. 624. 633. 637 of the Italian Penal Code.


Clients who have been already banished or reprimanded cannot have access to the holiday village anymore, unless they are explicitly authorized by the Reception staff.



Dogs are welcome (on request) and their entrance is at the discretion of the Reception staff and subject to the compilation of a personal data file upon arrival. Dogs must be kept strictly on the leash; they do not have access to the free beach, public toilets, supermarket and the pool area, but only at the beach club of the holiday village where some specific umbrella rows in the back are reserved for them and their owners. (See Bathing Decree)

It is forbidden to take advantage of the public toilets for pet grooming purposes.

Furthermore, their solid excrements must be immediately removed by the owner/holder, who also must be equipped with a shovel/collector in order to dispose of them in the appropriate waste containers.

Owners are responsible for the behavior of their pets and subject to refund eventual damages.

The Management Board declines any responsibility.

Pets cannot be left unattended neither in the pitch nor accommodation.


Debugging operations

Periodically debugging operations are carried out at night against the presence of mosquitos. The products used are ecologic, nontoxic and do not harm the belongings and health of both people and animals.

Guests will be notified in advance of such operations.


Drinkable water

Drinking fountains are distributed across the surface of the entire holiday village. Do not wash clothes, kitchenware, animals or other neither in the drinking fountains nor in the sinks dedicated to personal hygiene distributed across the holiday village. For such operations there are specific areas and basins.




While remaining at your complete disposal, we wish you a joyful stay and thank you ahead of time for your further collaboration.

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